I’m Satoshi, an Europe based award-winning Director of Photography and Director.
If there are any rules in the art of filmmaking and cinematography then these are mine:

Story is always the most important - but atmosphere is even more important.

Filmmaking is always teamwork.

There is no right way of cinematography - no formula for filmmaking. Composition, lighting, camera movement or equipment are supportive tools of cinematography. Therefore they must be chosen carefully each time to serve the story.

be bold, be a pioneer.

Although I know that perfection doesn’t exist it’s the benchmark I’ll try to get as close as possible. Therefore I tussle with every aspect of my image making to squeeze out the very last drop - because it’s worth it.
I want my images to captivate, sure, but moreover an image needs to grab the audience in their innermost emotions. Instead of photographing objects I capture how it feels and how they make me feel. The inner soul and essence of the story needs to transform into the image and vice versa so that the viewer is seduced into unknown spheres - and if this blissful moment happens, I’m happy.

award 2010 Night of the light Best Movie award 2010 Night of the light Best Treatment award 2011 Best Film award 2011 Golden Diana award Bear in Bronze 2012 award 2012 Young Chevrolet award 2013 Silver Diana award 2013 ISFFH award Cinevana Hollywood Winner